The Power of Your Subconscious Mind  

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” is a timeless self-help classic written by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Many times this question might come to your mind, why do some people succeed and why do others fail? How do people remain so rich and happy? So the answer is not outside but inside you. The power of a person’s subconscious mind is responsible for his success and happiness. Many studies and scientific testing have demonstrated the strength of the human subconscious mind. It takes on reality based on the thoughts and beliefs we give it. 

In this book, Joseph Murphy explains that if we pray correctly, our prayers will always be accepted. But our prayers do not work because we do not focus our entire hearts and thoughts on one subject, and we do not even utilize the proper approach. That is why our prayers are not successful. Your prayers are answered based on your faith; your desire is a prayer.

There will be magic in your life if you know about the subconscious mind, and everyone can experience magic if they grasp how the subconscious mind functions. If you also have this question in your mind, then this book can be very special for you.

Chapter 1: The Treasure House Within You

There is a huge treasure hidden inside you, you just have to open your eyes and see it. You must be aware that if we magnetize an iron rod, it can lift ten times more than its weight. And if we take away its magnetic power from iron, it cannot lift even a single feather. The same thing happens with us. Magnetized people are confident and non-magnetized people doubt themselves and cannot even handle their burden.

The answer to all these problems lies in your powerful subconscious mind. Our Subconscious Mind is so powerful that if we instill in our hearts and minds that we want to become the richest and most successful man in the world, then our Subconscious Mind will start making a path for us.

Chapter 2: How Your Mind Works

From the working point of view, our mind has two parts:

1. Conscious Brain:– This part of the brain is under our control. Whatever we can see, hear and understand while we are awake, is happening only because of the conscious brain. When we sleep, it also sleeps.

2. Subconscious Brain:– This part of the subconscious brain is not under our control. When we sleep, it is still awake. Dreams etc. come because of this. Intuitions occur because of this.

Chapter 3: The Miracle Working Power of Your Subconscious

Our subconscious mind keeps doing its work 24 hours a day. It controls all the important processes of our body and knows the answers to all the problems. Or we can say that the solution to every problem lies with our subconscious mind.

Suppose a problem arises in your life and you want to get rid of it, but all your attention is only on your problem, then you will never find the solution. In that situation, you have to focus on the solution instead of the problem, soon you will get the solution. If you want a good job, business, or life partner, then you have to feel as if you have got those things!

Chapter 4: Mental Healing In Ancient Times

There were no large machineries in the past. People used to be able to heal others back then merely by faith. A sick boy was once brought to the physician. The boy’s medication was missing, and the doctor realized this. But he gave only powdered sugar in the pudding. And told the boy to take this medicine packet in the morning and evening. And say to God – Thank you, God, today I am feeling better than before.

Then the boy started doing the same. And he was completely cured within seven days. Because when he said prayer, his subconscious felt that he was feeling better. So you can also try this principle. If you say one positive thing every day with confidence, your subconscious mind will believe it.

Chapter 5: Mental Healing in Modern Times

Now we will learn about new techniques of mental treatment. A woman lived in Los Angeles and was suffering from coronary thrombosis. She didn’t want to die. So he prayed: Wherever I am, all the blessings of my mother are with me. My mother is with me. And as long as my mother is with me, I can never fall ill.

The body of a woman was a reflection of her thoughts. The woman said: I know that if I change my thoughts, my health will automatically improve. And after a few weeks, the woman recovered.

She recovered as if she had never had any illness. If you consider your mother as God, then your mother is God for your subconscious mind, who can solve all your problems. We feel complete when we are close to our mother. And you can build your confidence that way.

Chapter 6: Practical Techniques in Mental Healing

Friends, let us now know the method of mental healing with the help of the subconscious brain. If you ever fall ill, you can cure yourself quickly by using these two methods.

1. Passover technique:- This technique means that you pass your problem to the subconscious. Meaning, ask for help from him. Suppose you have a fever. So tell your subconscious several times a day – My fever is getting cured. I am feeling good. This will activate the subconscious and will use all your immunity to heal you.

2. Visualization technique:- The next technique is to see yourself as healthy and happy. If we again take the example of fever, then visualize this. See that you are healed. Are running. And very healthy and happy. This kind of image will program your subconscious to make you healthy again. And you will be able to recover from any disease very quickly.

Chapter 7: The Tendency of the Subconscious Is Lifeward

The subconscious brain always wants your good. You need to give him the right command.

Author Robert Louis Stevenson used to request his subconscious brain every night before sleeping to give him an idea for a very good story by tomorrow. The same thing happened when he woke up from sleep. He used to get an idea for some story or the other. Because when we sleep, the conscious brain goes to sleep. But the subconscious remains awake. Like your heart, kidney, liver, etc. are all engaged in work. The subconscious is also engaged in thinking.

Now before sleeping, Robert used to use his subconscious only to find the story. So he also got involved in it. You can also use these techniques to get an idea.

Chapter 8: How to Get the Results You Want

How to get what we want in life? Imagine that you are sitting in a taxi and you are repeatedly asking the taxi driver to change the direction and the driver is completely confused by your decision. Will you reach your destination??? Probably not. Because you are not clear where to go.

The author explains we do not have our willpower; We should use our imagination. You have to visualize the end of your goal which you must achieve. And as you visualize it, all the doors start opening for you. If you have doubts, try it! Just make sure you continue what you’re visualizing daily because discipline takes consistent action. The Bible says that people who are born on this earth can achieve anything if they learn to use both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind properly.

Chapter 9: How to Use the Power of Your Subconscious for Wealth

Many people have negative thoughts about money. You must have seen many people saying something like this –

  • Money is the root of all diseases.
  • Rich people earn money in the wrong ways.
  • What will you do with so much money?
  • I don’t want money but satisfaction. etc etc.

Such things and ways of thinking about money turn your subconscious in the wrong direction. He believes that money is not a good thing. Then he will not even find ideas to earn money for you. Because by thinking negatively you programmed it negatively. Therefore, correct your thinking regarding money. Money is not wrong, people can be wrong. If you have more money, you can serve the country by paying more taxes. Or you can serve society by doing more charity.

Every night before sleeping, tell your subconscious that you want to become rich. Please find a very good idea for me so that I can become rich. By speaking like this, your subconscious will start finding ideas for you. But you will have to do this every day. Never think negatively about money. Because as long as you remain in doubt, the subconscious will not work.

Because he senses your doubts also. And this makes one confused. Because you are saying one thing and thinking something else in your heart. Therefore, think positively about wealth. Stop wondering what to do with more money.

Chapter 10: Your Rights to Be Rich

It is your right to become rich. You are born on this earth so that you can be happy and experience all the facilities. Our parents have told us – that sons commit murder for money, money is the root of evil. But it is not so at all. With money, you can do good things as well as bad things. It depends on you whether you use it for doing good to people or for committing crimes. Don’t think bad about money.

Just think – do you use electricity? Everyone will say that this is a question worth asking. Let me explain to you with a simple example – There is a woman who uses electricity for cooking. So electricity is good for him. And there is a person who kills other people by giving them electric shocks. So has the electricity gone bad?? Probably not. Our approach determines the outcome. Electricity is completely neutral. We either make it good or bad. Similarly, we make money, for better or worse.

Why are some people unable to increase their income? Because people consider themselves as employees and do not invest their money in new businesses. As a result, their income is fixed. These people protect their income and allow them to begin supplying a consistent income.

Chapter 11: Your Subconscious Mind as a Partner in Success

If you want to be successful in life, use these three-step techniques.

1st step:– Do the work you enjoy the most. The person you admire. You cannot consider yourself successful unless you do your work wholeheartedly and enjoy it. They are working towards your success if you do your work with complete dedication. Everyone enjoys their work, no matter who is the richest or the most successful. Even if they are not paid, they will continue to do the work they enjoy.

2nd step:- You have to master one area. And that field should be such that you can fulfill the needs of the people. Unless you become a master in any one field, you will not be able to achieve anything special.

3rd step:- This step is the most important. You have to keep in mind that whatever work you are doing, do not just look at your success. You cannot be successful by being selfish. You also have to make people successful. Only then will you be successful. Your success should be a huge contribution to humanity.

These three techniques are applicable in all aspects of life. Only then will you be regarded as a success. Making money alone does not define success. You should be happy while doing the work. People should benefit as well. This is the true meaning of success.

Chapter 12: How Scientists Use Subconscious Mind

You may be aware that many scientists live a very lonely life. They remain lost in their thoughts 24 hours a day. They are born with the ability to analyze the thoughts in their conscious brain. However, this occurs in some people. However, others can learn to use this ability as well. Our subconscious contains millions of thoughts. Only a few of them are applicable. It is now difficult to find that useful thought or idea.

Scientists remain engaged in their thoughts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and occasionally they have a good idea that leads to a significant discovery. However, the author has described how to come up with a good idea. Before going to bed, ask your subconscious to give you an idea for a discovery.

Do this daily. The subconscious will begin searching your inner thoughts for ideas for you. But unless you give him the right goal, he won’t be able to find the idea. Just keep watching or thinking about the thoughts that come and go. Because it only works when you tell it what to do. And you will gradually understand this.

Great scientists such as Einstein, Newton, Edison, and Tesla were able to make such significant discoveries because they unknowingly used their subconscious for this purpose. He used to dream up new ideas or inventions while sleeping. It only works on the last thoughts you give to your mind while sleeping.

If you go to bed worried, you will have nightmares. Or you’ll wake up the next day depressed and sad. So, just like a scientist, you can take any idea from your subconscious.

Chapter 13: Your Subconscious and the Wonders of Sleep

We sleep for 8 hours per day, which is one-third of our lives. While we sleep, our bodies rest, but our subconscious minds work all night. Because our conscious mind is not active at night, our subconscious mind can quickly heal any disease. Your conscious mind is engaged in daily activities from morning to night.

According to a survey, 60,000 types of thoughts come to the human mind in a day, which gives rise to many emotions. We should remember that our habitual thoughts throughout the day create our future, that is why we should listen and read positive things.

Chapter 14: Your Subconscious Mind and Marital Problem

You can improve the quality of your marriage by using your subconscious mind. Our biggest mistake is that we discuss our marital problems with our neighbors and family members. We should never, ever do this.

Never make your husband or wife like you. Such efforts have always been full of fear. This destroys self-respect, it gives rise to anger and it is dangerous for the marital relationship. Don’t try to make your partner like you.

Focus on all the qualities and characteristics that you want in your partner and suggest to your subconscious mind that all the qualities are already present in your partner, then see that your married life will start getting better than before.

Chapter 15: Your Subconscious Mind and your Happiness

Your happiness is in your hands. But some people have the habit of finding negative points in everything. Due to this, their subconscious gets filled with bad thoughts. Due to this, their subconscious starts thinking the same way. And they walk away happily.

Till now we have seen that what we think, we become. When you’re in a bad mood, the first thing you should do is find a quiet place to sit.

Then close your eyes and visualize this: You say these sentences –

  • I am slowly feeling relaxed.
  • The universe is filling me with positive energy.
  • Some supreme power is protecting me.
  • I am calming down.
  • Happiness is filling me with happiness.
  • When you say such affirmations again and again, you will start feeling very happy.

Chapter 16: Your Subconscious Mind and Harmonious Human Relations

You can improve your relationships by using your subconscious mind. If you believe that others think well of you, you should begin to think of others in the same way that you think of yourself. If you want people to like you, you should start treating them the same way. If you want to be respected, you must first respect others; only then will others respect you.

According to the author, a man used to read the newspaper every morning, and every day his eyes would come across negative headlines, making him feel bad in the morning. The man’s health deteriorated after a few days, and the doctor said, “This is all the result of your negative thinking.” As a result, we should never read negative news or information. According to Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis says that unless you can love, you will get sick and die.

Love means understanding others well, and trusting and respecting each other. The more love you give, the more love you will receive. The law of karma states the same thing: whatever you give to the outside world will come back to you.

Chapter 17: How to Use Your Subconscious Mind for Forgiveness

We have to learn to forgive people, if you want to live happily and peacefully in your life, then you have to learn to forgive your haters. Because, when you forgive someone, your negative emotions attract positivity and you feel at peace.

If you ever fight with someone, then say these positive affirmations –

  • I have forgiven him.
  • Life is meant to move forward.
  • Now we both are friends

Chapter 18: Remove Writer’s block

How our subconscious mind removes mental barriers or limitations. We’ll figure out how habits form. And how can we leave it? If you want to break a bad habit, try this formula: Cue, Routine, and Reward.

Cue means the trigger of any habit. With this trigger, you do what you are used to. When you trigger, the routine works. Let’s take a simple example: a man who smokes a cigarette. First, he will get a trigger that he needs to smoke now. The trigger is received at a specific location. Then comes the reward. The reward a man gets after smoking a cigarette is a dose of nicotine, which acts as a reward for the man, which relaxes him and makes him feel good for some time. We have to escape this whole situation and divert our minds.

Chapter 19: Control Fears and Phobias

Even if you are afraid of something, you can overcome it with the power of the subconscious. If you are afraid of giving a speech, then visualize it like this –

You are standing in front of the mic on the stage with great confidence. Everyone is listening to you. They are all your friends. And wish the best for you from the heart. They would love to hear from you. Everyone shakes your hand after the speech. And congratulations on such an excellent speech. With this, your subconscious will already be primed. And you will be able to speak with confidence. But you will have to do this visualization again and again. And with confidence.

Chapter 20: High Spirit

You will think how can we always remain in full spirit in our life??? Our body ages with time, but our soul does not. And your soul is your subconscious mind

You can use the techniques given in this book in any situation of life. Use visualization whenever you are feeling down or worried. And you’ll always look happy. You will also be able to avoid stress and anxiety in your life.

This will ensure that you are always healthy and that your life runs smoothly.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Review

One of the key principles discussed in the book is the idea that the subconscious mind is a faithful servant who works tirelessly to bring forth whatever we constantly think about. The book offers practical exercises and techniques such as visualization, affirmation, and prayer to tap into the subconscious mind’s ability to reframe negative thoughts.

Murphy also discusses the importance of faith, trust, and gratitude in the manifestation process, emphasizing that a positive mental attitude is critical to success While some readers may find the book’s language and examples somewhat dated, the basic principles and teachings are still relevant and applicable in today’s world “Your Mind Has Power” is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to harness their untapped potential thoughts under his imagination.

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