The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich book begins with a look at the important principles of wealth attainment. Here the author explains that the most important principle of achieving wealth is that our thoughts and emotions affect our wealth. If we view money from a completely positive and self-confident perspective, we become excited to have it and generate positive actions to bring it to us. This book’s opening is a collection of ideas that lead a person to success in attaining wealth.

In this book, Author Wallace D. Watts says that another important principle of attainment of wealth is that to achieve wealth we must have confidence and self-confidence of prosperity. It not only helps us in acquiring wealth but also gives us the ability to maintain it. 

The Author of The Science of Getting Rich focuses on different aspects of money. He believes that the attainment of wealth is a science that requires regular and steady actions.

The Right To Be Rich

No person has reached the highest possible state of his Talent and self-belief until he has access to a great amount of money to allow his personality to be fully revealed and to allow his Talent to develop to its full extent. It requires a lot of things and the thing cannot produce them unless it has enough money to buy them.

A person develops his mental, spiritual, and physical development by using these things, but the condition of society is such that to be the master of these things, it is necessary to possess them, hence for any progress and progress, a person has to be a master of science.

The right to life of a person means that he has the right and absolute right to achieve all the things that are necessary for his complete mental, modern, and physical development; in other words, it is the right to be rich.

We can see that a meaningful life means the manifestation of all the expressions that can be made by the body, mind, and soul.

A person feels the greatest happiness and joy when he gives something to those people who love him because giving love is experienced in its highest natural and natural expression. In the form of a father, in the form of a citizen, and also in the form of a human being, one can never be said to be complete.

If you neglect this education, this lesson, then you will neglect your duty as a follower of God, because you can only serve God and humanity as much as you can make yourself.

There is A Science of Getting Rich

There is a science to being rich and it is also an achievement and it is a perfect science like arithmetic and certain rules to earn money are called principles. When a person learns these rules and principles and follows them then he becomes rich.

Ownership of wealth is acquired by living life according to a specific pattern. People who live life according to a specific pattern also become rich by their luck, but those who do not live life according to a specific pattern, no matter how much you work hard. No matter how much self-control you do, you will remain poor.

There is a law of nature that one who follows a particular path will always get wealth and hence the person who leads his life according to a specific principle will undoubtedly become wealthy..

If life is the result of living according to a specific pattern and if it is the result of getting what you got then anyone can live a life and become rich.

No matter how poor you are, if you start living according to a specific pattern, you start becoming wealthy and your income also starts increasing.

If you don’t have capital then you can get power, if you are in the wrong business then you can go in the right business, if you are in the wrong colony or the wrong city or wrong place, then you can go to the right place but help is given. By working according to a specific pattern, you can start doing business in your own way and get everything done even while staying at your current place.

Is Opportunity Monopolized?

No one can remain poor because it is often said that we have monopolized all the wealth and built a wall around it. You can visit some website for you sometime in this special direction. yes but other channels are open for you.

Perhaps it is too much for you to have the right to control a large rate railway because people have pretty much monopolized the area they use, but the electric railway business is still in its nascent stage and there is a lot of scope for that business. In a few years, traffic and transportation by air will emerge as a major industry.

If you work in a steel industry once in a while then it is equally likely that you will become the owner of a plant in case you work but it is also true that if you work according to a specific pattern you can make him leave his job in the steel industry.

And you can buy form from 10 to 40 acres, you can run your website in the form of food products. In today’s time, a great opportunity is available for those people who live on a small land and have a great opportunity to use it. Such people who can do farming will surely become rich.

But if people are individually poor, it is because they have not started working according to the specific pattern that makes humans individually rich.

The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich

If a person becomes rich by reading this book and adopting the methods laid down in it, then to do this the person will be able to think according to a special pattern. The direct result of this is the method of doing any work of that person. What are you thinking about doing that work?

To use your work the way you want to use it, you must master the ability to think the way you want to think, this is the first step towards becoming rich.

Seeing the form of poverty keeps creating images like it in our mind until we realize the truth that poverty is not small, it is only prosperity

When we are seeing diseases on all sides, then thinking about health and when poverty is spreading on all sides, then seeing wealth is a requirement for power and the one who achieves this power becomes a wise man. You can overcome luck, you can achieve whatever you want. Because then we come to know that whatever we want to create, we can create whatever we want to achieve, we can achieve it and whatever we want to happen, we can create it. 

A person can imagine a thing in his thought and then by using it, by establishing it in the formless element, he can make his thought come into reality in its physical form.

The science of becoming rich begins with the complete and firm acceptance and adoption of this belief.

Increasing Life

Whatever fact we come to know, then we come to know the second fact, what is the constant thing that remains in us, if we create any one ability, then there remains in our mind the desire to create one more ability in our life. We live in the world of manifestation and we have to do so to know more and to become more aware

To know more we must have more things to do and to be better we must have more things to use. We must have more things to use because we use more things to teach us what to do and what to do. We have distributed it so that we can become rich so that we can grow more and more.

What God wants is that you make yourself better and more powerful and become beneficial for yourself as well as for others because you can help others only when you make yourself better and not in any other way. By becoming rich we can make ourselves more capable, hence it is both appropriate and appreciated.You should keep your first and best thought on accumulating wealth rather than acquiring it..

You should never take advantage of anyone, no matter how much money or salary you are paying to someone, you should not expect more or less from him.

The wealth acquired through competition never gives satisfaction, nor is it permanent; it is yours today and will belong to someone else tomorrow.

Remember that if you want to become rich by scientific and specific methods then you will have to give up your experimental ideas. You should not believe even for a moment that there is a limit to the supply of things, that the stock can run out.

How Riches Come to You

You should not take anything without giving anything, or in other words, the least you can do is to give a little more to someone in return than you give him.

You cannot do this if you give a thing to someone, you can charge more money than the market price of the thing, but you can do so much that you can use it for more than the price at which you bought it. what thing to use

You can’t give anyone anything that can’t make their life better in comparison to what you can give them and you can stop that deal in business if you don’t want to defeat or embarrass anyone. There is hell in business. People who have been defeated seem to be used to getting out of the business immediately.

For example, if you want a sewing machine, then the meaning of my story is that you will not think of using it but you will keep on marking it till it goes to your room or the world you want is a vehicle made by someone’s hands without real form. it will not be revealed

But if you want a sewing machine then keep it in its image with the most positive attitude that it is on its way and is about to reach you.

It is good to teach a special lesson, here I remember the story of a person who said that the soul of a bird is a power that desires health. Keep it in your mind so that the thought of creating it becomes imprinted on the formless element.

He was very poor, lived in a rented house and earned only as much money as he used to earn, his condition was so bad that he could not find the truth and he was able to get such wealth.

That’s why after thinking a lot about this subject, we found the right one to use i.e. a new bed to spread in our room to keep the room warm in winters. By following the instructions given in this book, I got results in a few months and then I found out that I could ask for a lot more.

The whole picture which you have created in your mind as per your specific recipe, which you have shown, is progressing towards its use, today it is your food and according to your imagination, it is being recreated and now it is even more. Being full of faith, we are achieving bigger things as the more faith we have, the greater is the result we have achieved and the same will be with you. We will be with everyone.

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