Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra is an Indian entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author, he is renowned among youngsters, even adults. His professional journey, experience, mentorship quality, global recognition, and down-to-earth nature help him reach people easily. People wait for his seminar. He goes to a lot of places as a motivationalist, like IIT Delhi and Mumbai. He also succeeds as a coach in his mentorship, a lot of people make a well-profitable business. He also marked his name as the author, as he wrote more than eight books till now. He is one of the people whom to meet once is someone’s dream. 

Journey of Vivek Bindra

Legends are not born by birth. They marked their name in this world without any support or any godfather. Their hard work and dedication shout their name. His early phase of life is not a smooth journey. He also faces a lot of failure and insult, demotivated to make a name. His not giving up quality made me different and unique from others. He can’t spend his childhood as a free bird. Being a child who lost his father at the age of 2.5 years is not easy. He lost the shield in his childhood only. His mother remarried, but that was not in his favour. 

Vivek Bindra was born in New Delhi on 5 April 1982. After completing his schooling at St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School in Delhi, he did his MBA from the Amity Business School, Noida. His biggest turning point in life was when he was pursuing his MBA at that time, his professors or mentors introduced him to Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta. He used those principles of bhagavad gita in his training programs.

He dreamt of building a business. And he started his company in the year of 2012. While building his company, he has the motive to support, guide and help in progress in skills who are eager to build a business. During this phase, it didn’t get smooth for him, he started his company in a small room. In between these times, his company went through losses. He even sold his house to give payment to his employees.

Vivek Bindra Business

He owns the world’s number one business leadership development and entrepreneurship and leadership development. The YouTube channel has 21.3 million subscribers globally.

He is the founder and CEO of one of South Asia’s largest and most progressive organizations, Global Act, now known as Bada Business.  He put this company in place in 2010. It started to give business training to corporations from different industries. He comes up with guidance and mentorship excellence for taking their businesses to another level. As a business coach, Dr. Vivek Bindra has achieved a lot as he has been instrumental in coaching over 100 CEOs in the country. His creative ideas in the business help another entrepreneur who enrolls on his courses. Not only he guided a lot of entrepreneurs from top-level organizations also guided in this course.

As a coach, he also succeeded a lot. He launched an app on mobile named “Bada Business Community app,” which is for entrepreneurs and business-related problems to be solved. This app gives young and new entrepreneurs chances to contact masters in the free masterclass. Recently, he started another course named Bada Business Junior, in which education and soft skills are taught for a brighter future.

Vivek Bindra Books

As an author, Vivek Bindra marked his place. These books of his especially guide you to growth in personal and professional levels. He has written about one of his best books. The one who is interested in business should go through this book.

  • Everything About Leadership
  • Double Your Growth through Excellent Customer Service
  • From Pocket Money to Professional Salary
  • Effective Planning and Time Management 
  • Everything about Corporate Etiquette
  • Tactical Money
  • Bounce Back: Bounce Back New
  • Double Your Growth Through Excellent Customer Service
  • Everything About Effective Communication
  • Validate Management Practices
  • From Pocket Money to Professional Salary

Vivek Bindra Courses

The programs of Business coaching are trained courses. In the journey of small businesses turning to bad businesses, you need some guidance that helps you to achieve a little earlier. There are almost 100+ specialization courses by Bada Business. Some of the courses are Stock Market, SPICE-Smart, Presentation for Investors, Customers and Employees, Video Influencer, Working Capital, Whatsapp Marketing, Zero Dollar Marketing, Cyber Security, G-Mail Basics, Digital Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Stress Management, Time Management, Learning Excels and many more. There are 40 PSC courses in Bada Business. The net price of these courses is 29900 with GST. They assure a cash-back guarantee.

Vivek Bindra Franchise

Bada Business Pvt Ltd provides you with franchise opportunities to associate with brands. Being a master franchisee of Bada business is so beneficial as they get three crore+ digital subscribers, 15000+ strong partner’s community, a brand with a monthly social media reach of 130 crore, the ten crore+ monthly active users, 500+ professors, the highest return on investment, weekly commission payout, asset-light model, scale without investment, dedicated team support, etc.

Vivek Bindra Golden Statement

Vivek Bindra is one of the most famous motivational speakers. His talk shows and his videos, which are on YouTube, are so worth watching. He says that first, you love what you are doing, and then you can put your best output to others. Some of the golden statements, why are stated by Dr. Vivek Bindra, are-

“Only your thinking can impact you the most, so imagine yourself in your dream position first by yourself.”

“Success is not changing reality, it is changing the mentality behind the reality!”

“Don’t focus on multiple things, focus on the main thing, and the business will follow you.”

These are some of his golden statements stated by him. 

Vivek Bindra Leadership Funnel

A leadership funnel is a program where well-built organizational leaders prepare a plan for success at every phase. Every individual spends their time and money on their skill set and progress in business. This kind of seminar and programme are held to help an individual who needs guidance and mentorship to improve their skills and mindset, and this mentorship is so important at some point in their career to walk the right path to reach the destination. This program was expensive, including GST, around 80 thousand to 1 lakh.

Vivek Bindra Net Worth

He likes to hide his finances as well as his personal life. He is the CEO and founder of Bada business, India’s number one and one of the world-famous entrepreneurial learning platforms providing education and practical knowledge to entrepreneurs. The exact net worth is unknown by anyone, which can be $10 million to $11 million. He is also a successful investor who has invested in many companies and starts where all profit. From his seminars, public speaking, training programs, etc., he earns a good amount. He also earns a good amount from his YouTube channel, which has around 21 million subscribers and 1.7 billion viewership. He also earns from his prestigious books, which are well-sold in India.

Vivek Bindra World Record

He wrote his name in the World’s Record eleven times with the Guinness Book of World record nine times. He won his 1st world record in the crucial time of COVID-19 in April 2020 for holding the world’s largest online business lesson. It was the 1st webinar with him, where more than 13 lakh participants from across the globe attended it. The 2nd Guinness world record took little time and held the largest sales lesson in May 2020. He was lucky to win the next three Guinness Books of the World Record in June, August and September 2020. The next year, 2021, he won another three Guinness Books of World Records in June, August, and October. He earned his 9th world record in September 2022.


Is Vivek Bindra an author?

Yes, he has published ten books till now.

Why is Vivek Bindra popular?

He created 11 World records with 9 Guinness Book Of World Records.

What is the known name of Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel?

The name of his YouTube channel is Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker.

What is 10-Day MBA (My Business Association) Program by Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra’s 10-Day MBA Program is a comprehensive guide that explodes the key principles of a traditional MBA program into a 10-day crash course

Day 1 – How to Start A Startup?
Day 2 – Market Research & Product Development
Day 3 – Strategies
Day 4 – Marketing
Day 5 – Personality Development & Communication
Day 6 – Sales
Day 7 – HR
Day 8 – Productivity Management
Day 9 – Business Operations Expansion
Day 10 – Execution Framework

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